Welcome to Elephant Technology
  •          1.Purchasing      

    1. How could I buy the products I need if there is no price in the website?

      Buyers need to send required product details to us via e-mail, and then we will provide reasonable quotations as request.

    2. How long could I get reply of my enquiry?

      Buyers will get a reply within 24 hours.

    3. What kind of warranty you offer?

      We provide 1 year warranty for all.

    4. How is the after sales service?

      A.  We have a huge team which is in charge of after-sales service, also a service hotline dealing with buyers’ complains and feedback.
      B.  We offer 24-hour online service to help buyers solving problems.
      C.  We offer buyers updated market information regularly.
      D.  We offer full- package service for those buyers visiting


  •          2.Payment      

    1. What are the terms of payments you offer?

      Payment of the goods should be set in USD or RMB on the basis of goods exchanging. We accept paypal, payment of T/T, Western Union and cash only.

    2. How to apply refund?

      Once the PI has been confirmed and your ordered goods are ready, a refund will not be availible for a canceled order. But we will refund to you in time the the case that we could not offer the products required, due to the shortage or unavailability.


  •          3.Shipment      

    1. How long will it take to deliver goods?

      We will start preparing goods upon receipt of buyers’ T/T copy. After receiving your full payment, we will deliver the goods within the deadline which both parties agreed.

    2. What kind of packaging you offer?

      During the packaging process, preventive measures will be taken by us to assure that the goods are in a good condition during storage and delivery.

    3. What kind of transportation methods you offer?

      A. For spare-parts, we use express delivery like DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT and EMS, as we enjoy very good discount in these companies. But if buyers provide us accounts of their own, transportation fee paid by such accounts are also welcomed.
      B. For goods with large package, we will transport by air and sea, and we will confirm freight with buyers’ prior delivery.

    4. How about the insurance during transportation? How to deal with the responsibility?

      Buyers should take the full responsibility for shortage of goods if the goods are checked by any custom during transportation. During transportation, if goods are missed because of having been detained by custom in China, all loss thus occurred should be borne by us; if missing or detained of goods are occurred in other country except China, all loss should be borne by buyers.

    5. What Locations can you ship to?

      A. We currently ship to USA,UK,Russia,Mexico and many other countries throughout the world, please contact us for the details.


  •          4.Goods Return      

    1. What conditions should be considered to return goods.

      A. Goods were delivered by
      B. Goods are within warranty.

    2. How long will you take to deal with the returned goods?

      We will provide the first feedback within 5 working days.